Summer Love from Aoeria

August 25 Summer update Hey everybody! How’s it going? We took a little Summer break to hang out in the shade, listen to lots of new music, and get our energy renewed. We have a bunch of songs that we have been crafting and really want you to hear them! Melodies now need to be…

Sunday Morning 3/25/12

Sunday morning,collecting my rootsReverberations of a still presentbeat, bass growl,slipperyCropping up in the yellow glow,fuzzy feedback humsBubbles of songrising from the deepA quiet meditation and a tuningof the senses to an omnidirectionalpoint, presence, space Open up the lines to receiveand transmit

The Reel Story of Aoeria and Waterwheel, Part 1

Here is something I have been planning on doing for a while and have started many times, but never finished. This is a work in progress telling of how Aoeria and our albums came to be. I will be publishing these online in a series as I write segments. Eventually I will collect them, tune…

Acoustic show at National Underground

We’re doing 1 set right at 730, free to get in but 21+ since it’s a bar/lounge New songs from our upcoming album will be played. We’ll have band-made prints tshrts cds dvds and more, say hey and get free goodies!

159 E. Houston (Between Eldridge and )
NY/Lower East Side/ New York 10002

visit for location & info
Thanks for checking us out!